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ROI Calculator

If you’re a retail or other cash‑intensive business operator, your time and resources are valuable. You have to think critically about the best ways to allocate your resources, and your cash‑handling process is a huge part of that. For businesses that opt to manually handle, transport, and deposit their cash and coin, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to risks of shrinkage and error, and the hard truth is that it’s not saving you money in the long run. In fact, it may be costing you more than it would to invest in a professional smart safe solution.

Want to know exactly how much money you could save per week with our industry‑leading SafePoint® cash management solution? Use our Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator to find out!

How do you currently deposit your cash and obtain change orders?

Find out how Loomis can help you cut costs while improving security and accuracy.

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