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Smart Safes

SafePoint Titan® smart safes offer the latest in secure hardware combined with Loomis’ proprietary software to streamline the in-store cash-handling process, secure deposits, and increase cash visibility for retail businesses who receive low to high cash volumes.


  • Loomis’ flagship model
  • 2,400-note capacity (two cassettes)
  • Multiple configuration options

Titan C

  • Designed for low to moderate cash volume
  • Smaller device footprint
  • 1,200-note capacity (one cassette)

Titan S

  • Designed for businesses in high-risk areas
  • Weighs nearly 4x more than standard
  • Built with 12mm high-strength steel

Titan X

  • Designed to handle high cash volume
  • Expansion peripherals offer fully configurable solutions
  • Custom scaling of note deposits and validation

Find out how Loomis can help you cut costs while improving security and accuracy.

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