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Titan X

SafePoint® Titan X Expansion Peripherals offer fully configurable cash management capabilities for businesses that frequently replenish tills with change, have a high number of tills, or need to buy change 24 hours a day.

These state-of-the-art expansion modules are designed to enhance industry-leading SafePoint Titan® smart safes and are built for unmatched flexibility, ease of deployment, and simplified upgrading. Titan X expansion capabilities include note and coin dispensing and custom scaling of note deposits and validation.

Titan X feature image 2

Configuration Options

SafePoint Titan is available with single- or bulk-note validators, and standard or XL cassettes. Additional bottom vault options and pedestals are available.

Titan with Bulk Coin Dispenser (6 cup and 8 cup available)

Titan X with Bulk Coin Dispenser

High-volume coin dispensing in bulk format
Coins dispensed in any combination in preset amounts

Titan with Bulk Coin and Note Dispenser

Titan X with Bulk Coin Note Dispenser

Medium to high cash deposits
High change-order volume

Titan with Low-Capacity Note Dispenser

Titan X with Low Capacity Note Dispenser

Supports up to 4 cassettes, 400 to 500 notes per cassette
Dispenses 60 notes per minute

Titan with Side Car

Titan X with Side Car

Scalable note validation and deposit capabilities
Adds two additional single- or bulk-note validators

Hardware and Software Overview

  • Audible alarm in vault door
  • Wireless or Ethernet network connectivity options
  • All transactions auditable and managed by individual user PINs
  • “Buy Change” function supports exchange of large notes for smaller notes/coins
  • Advanced accounting features allow for extensive list of reports
  • Supports network downloads for software upgrades or for new currency releases
  • Complete cash management application included (except BCND)

Connectivity and Upgrades

  • Connect to SafePoint Titan smart safe via data cables provided by Loomis (up to 100')
  • Peripherals can be purchased and deployed after initial system installation

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