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Family Foods

SafePoint minimizes franchise operator’s cash-handling processes to 30 minutes a day.

For Family Foods Inc., a franchise operator of 19 Taco Bell locations throughout North America, the majority of the company’s sales are cash transactions. For a company like Family Foods, cash-handling presents a daily efficiency and safety concern for managers and employees alike. Family Foods CFO Waylon Dallas sought a solution that would streamline and secure the entire cash-handling process—from the cash register to the final deposit in the bank.

After comparing different cash-handling options, Family Foods Inc. deployed Loomis’ SafePoint solution at ten Taco Bell locations in December 2006. This immediately and dramatically changed the way they handled money, and they soon installed SafePoint in their remaining locations in 2007.

The results have been very positive: “Prior to installing SafePoint, our managers were spending about 2.5 hours counting money and running to the bank per location, per day. Now, all managerial cash-handling responsibilities have been reduced to less than 30 minutes per day, so the decision to install the solution has proved to be a good one,” reports Mr. Dallas.

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